Black Sunday on the 4th of July 2021: Letters to prisoners

Again and again, people are imprisoned for their political activities in the jails of this world. Currently, we see clearly in the case of Ella, an activist in the Dannenröder Forest, how individuals are used as examples and deterrents. The meaning of punishment and prison remains questionable, not only for the prisoners themselves and their lives, but also as a social function.

We do not want to leave people alone in their isolation and hopefully bring a little joy to their dreary time behind bars. The messages can be anything: how your day was, what funny thing your cat did again – every contact to the outside world is precious.

For a critique of prisons and alternative proposals for justice that focuses on change and transformation instead of isolation, repression and punishment, there are also books and brochures on site that we can discuss.

Paper, postcards, envelopes and stamps, and a list of prisoners and their addresses will be provided. But of course, feel free to bring cards that you would like to send.

More about the Black Sunday, the anarchist Café, you can find here.

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