Black Sunday

Black Sunday at Café ExZess takes place every Sunday since 21 October 2018. We want to use this date together and turn it into something we want to do on the basis of a respectful and attentive cooperation. Be it cooking together, drinking coffee, skill sharing, having discussions, planning revolutions, playing a few board games or sewing together – the options are limitless. This space lives on the ideas of the people who use it. This space and this time belong to us!

We see ourselves as anarchists and the space we create as an open and anarchist space for communication, exchange, education and networking. But to understand oneself as an anarchist is not a prerequisite to pass by and participate. If you feel like exchanging ideas with us or just spending a relaxing Sunday with nice people, we will be happy if you come too!

The room is barrier-free*, the café is smoke-free and one room has just been renovated to be suitable for children.

If you have an idea of what you’d like to do, write a comment under the respective event on Demosphere or enter your idea at ExZess on the Black Sunday blackboard. If you need anything else, write it down. If you see something in a comment that you can bring with you, feel free to write it as well.

When: every Sunday
Where: Café ExZess, Leipziger Straße 91